First few swings of the X the club felt great very comfortable and hit well.. These irons are very easy to hit straight, high and far. These look like irons designed by a caveman! Parker 9 years ago. John Barry 9 years ago.

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However put that behind you and swing the club and you will find a fairway wood that feels and sounds great.

Compared to the previous model SQ irons, Sumo, they already look miles ahead.

Product Review: Nike SQ MachSpeed Driver | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

For a improvement iron I think there a great club to give you some confidence. RobRay 9 years ago. Gil 6 years ago.

They would simply put 2009 4 engraving on what was really a 3 iron. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? The SQ Machspeed comes with Nike’s STR8-Fit system to adjust the angle of the head to shape the ball flight, which seems a bit odd on a square drive that is meant to hit it straighter.

Nike SQ Machspeed Utility Club Review

I think this club will sell based on looks machseed their claim for distance. They are designed to help golfers hit the ball higher and farther with more forgiveness, utilizing new technology that delivers benefits three key areas: CJ Bush 9 years ago. I’ve now found 4 wood on ebay to add to the 5.


The head feels very solid and the Proforce shaft suits the club very well. Nov 29, 40 Comments. Write a Review Rate This Product: The increase in distance alone makes the SQ MachSpeed worth considering, but the increased accuracy really sold me on this driver.

Good to hear its not just me choosing between them two clubs. And the same would go for the rest of the iron set…they would just make the iron you used to hit say 1 iron lower on the sole so you would now think you were hitting your new incredibly shiny and sparkly new irons one club further then you had with your previous set.

I laugh everytime I hear some one whining about how they dont like the way the club looks. And as we predicted back in where we gave you a glimpse into the future of golf club design we knew that Aerodynamics would be one of the main areas golf club manufacturers would be looking to push that proverbial envelope of technology.

I think it looks fine as well. The original position was set to neutral on the Nike Str8-fit technology. These Cobra irons started flying off the shelves.

That being said, it is easy to work the ball with this driver, especially with aid of an open or closed face angle position. Cant wait for the second one to come. I feel like I get good distance but it always fades to the right? Comments those sure are thick. Mesadude 9 years ago.


The new Nike SQ MachSpeed Irons that are supposed to hit the ball farther, higher and straighter for every golfer machsped buys in. I cant look at it when I address the ball because its ugly! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I loved the club but after the experience with warranty I will never purchase a Nike product again. If someone claims you will hit it farther with their product…people will at least give it a shot. They must have had Tom Sites locked in the basement working 24 hrs a day because this stuff is awesome.

Product Review: SQ MachSpeed Irons | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

Nevertheless we really like that Nike has at least tried to improve the functionality of the club…no matter what it looks like. Better look at address and looks like they took that cheap, vibration-dampening rubber insert out of the cavity. This entire Nike lineup looks awesome!