For example, the RocketRaid cards from HighPoint are notoriously difficult but do have someone maintaining the drivers at github apparently courtesy of Gentoo — there is no support from the manufacturer and you need to compile and add dkms support yourself, and Grub will probably never boot it. Otherwise the Installer messes up the partition setting and you have to start from the beginning. Currently writing this on a Archttp is statically linked so it will run in virtually all circumstances. It wasn’t me who figured that out.

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I verified that the 1TB disk was accelerated even while I was in Linux.

Once dmraid is running, the live installer can handle installing to the raid. Add a -v to the lspci and see what driver is bound to the device.

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You will see your fake RAID as one disk with a confusing long name. Minimum status information is OK or degraded i. Possibly because of the above issue or not? This file does not contain the RAID status. Save the file and exit the editor.


Problems installing with intel sata raid controller

This allowed the installation to work. There are Debian packages of both tools available from http: The RPM can be converted to. Basically you install using the live cd alternate no longer required in 9.

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Page History Login to edit. Sata RAID with onboard raid controller. Since I don’t need the dm-raid module in the modules, I need to add rmraid, which I just used nano to edit the modules file and added a new line: Best to copy them onto the same medium prior to installation.

Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

Press Tab to edit the kernel boot line. Open a terminal and type: For more advanced trainees it can be a 82801br reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

But this time change two options: There was apparently a bug in 8. This was then fixed in 9.

Ignoring this clntroller interferes with fakeraid, so you need to enable the restriction by adding libata. Instead of “apt-get install linux or k7, k8, k8-smp, etc” simply use “apt-get install linux-generic”.


After installing, I added my 1TB rpm disk in the optical bay, via an adapter. At the end of aacraid section is the old information on tools available on Dell website, which may be useful for older distributions and controllers.

LinuxRaidForAdmins – Debian Wiki

My machine’s running fine now. With the advent of Terabyte disk drives, FakeRAID is becoming a popular option for entry-level small business servers to simply mirror 2 1.

This should also work when initially setting up Grub, as described above. Hi bros, lspci -v shows this: So it secures the system from data loss, but the system can nonetheless crash.

If you want SSD caching on Linux, you should use software solutions like flashcache. This is a must when maintaining a lot of machines using for instance a serial line console.