On most distributions you can examine the log by typing: Then, make sure you have a matching. Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection. Next, verify the presence of the correct version of the kernel source, type: Now, verify the presence of the wireless-tools, type:

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Mounting and un-mounting media is one of the more fundamental tasks you’ll need to become proficient in, as well as how to find help on a command, so man mount is a good place to begin. If you’re having trouble unpacking the acx source code tarball, then you’re probably getting an error message returned from the tar command. To verify that it succeeded you may type: You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you winows reply to this thread.

Alternatively, if within Linux you have a working connection to the internet and don’t yet have the source tarball, then download the acx Before unpacking it, change it’s owner to your normal username, type: Next, you’ll want to try to ping a host on the internet by name, type: Hello, Sinon You could also install the winodws version of Windows 7.

If winows get this error and are using a recent distribution along with the default or “stock” kernel, then try issuing this command to add the missing line to your.

If it does not have that option it will only submit the “Customize Settings” selection, this is where you would have to enter the specifics to load the driver. It can be either the kernel version acx1000 kernel-source version does not match your running kernel’s versionor the target CPU windoas, PII, PIII, P4, Athlon, i, etcor the version of gcc that was used to compile the acx module does not match the version that was used to compile the running kernel.


Craig’s ACX100/111 Guide for Linux

Otherwise, if you have an rc. So, when your card comes up and you’re enjoying the wireless freedom, I strongly encourage you to go to the acx project’s forum and thank the developers for all the many hours they’ve freely given to ax100 this driver possible. There are some notable exceptions to this, but typically, even those distros that don’t modify the kernel source still provide a kernel-source package, so use your distro’s kernel-source package only.

It’s not installed automatically during the installation of Windows It’s unable to install it with the automatic driver installation of the hardware manager It doesn’t recognize the latest driver I found on the manufacturer’s website drivers for x86 XP, though I wndows unable to find widnows x64 Windows-drivers for this chip at all. If the scan completed successfully and yet you don’t see your access point listed, then it’s possible that you’ve set it to not ‘broadcast’ it’s ssid station name.

If you have achieved association, but your pings to your wireless access point still come back “unreachable”, then possible causes are:. Note that the below configuration methods are not compatible with the “local” method outlined above, so try only one at a time.

Do not install just gcc, there are a host of other utilities needed along with gcc, install the whole package. If you’ve verified the presence of your kernel-source and you’re using a 2.

At this point it’s time to go back to being the root user, so once again type: When the time comes to configure your card for your particular distribution, we’ll be forking due to the differences in the way various distributions handle network and windkws configuration. Unsuccessful output will look similar to this:.


Successful output looks similar to this:.

network card device matrix – ACX/ACX wireless network driver project (Linux, BSD)

If there is no output from that command and you are simply returned to your command prompt, then no driver is already installed and you should proceed on to the next section.

First, change to the acx The lspci -n command should be considered completely authoritative since those numbers are how the driver accx100 whether you have a supported device. At this point your driver has been completely compiled and installed.

Besides being a waste of time, that “solution” has it’s own set of pitfalls and you were really just trying to get your wireless card working, right?. F Replied on May 25, If you’re using a CardBus card, then it’s also possible that the card is not enabled or powered on.

As such, my instructions on how to use your distribution’s package management to install any missing ‘packages’ are intentionally quite generic.

If you’re using a USB deviceyou have a couple more edits to make, so scroll down further to where it looks like this: Reasons for your score: I have the same question 6.