Coraid storage appliances use the low-latency ATA-over-Ethernet ATA protocol to provide high-bandwidth data transfer between hosts and data on the network. It also makes the protocol relatively easy to implement and offers linear scalability with high performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Firewalls and default ports B. Copy an image to a volume. This is the AoE “config string” feature. Shared disk file systems allow multiple machines to use a single hard disk safely by coordinating simultaneous access to individual files.

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Instead, AoE packets can only travel within a single local Ethernet storage area network e. Ocraid non-routability of AoE is the only security mechanism i. By using an AoE driver, the host operating system is able to access a remote disk as if ciraid were directly attached. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. AoE is a layer 2 protocol running at the data-link layer, unlike other SAN protocols which run on top of layer 3 utilizing IP.

Archived from the original on Identity service Caching aooe Identity service configuration file Identity service sample configuration files keystone. Block Storage Introduction to the Block Storage service cinder. Archived from the original on July 1, This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat These corajd can be used to allow multiple machines access to the same AoE target without an intermediate server or filesystem and at higher performance.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To understand and evaluate these storage scenarios, it helps to be familiar with a few concepts.

If more than one host tries to set the config string simultaneously, only one succeeds. AoE encapsulates those commands inside Ethernet frames and lets them travel over an Ethernet network instead of a SATA or pin ribbon cable.

Specify compute hosts with SSDs XenServer hypervisor pools to support live migration Configuration reference Cells Cell configuration options Configure the API top-level cell Configure the child cells Configure the database aod each cell Cell scheduling configuration Optional cell configuration Conductor Example nova.

One option provided by AoE is to use the storage device itself as the mechanism for determining specific host access.

Coraid AoE driver configuration – OpenStack Configuration Reference – juno

When using a SAN network to access storage, there are several potential advantages over a local disk:. When more than one AoE initiator is using an AoE target they must communicate to avoid interfering with one another as they read and write the config string data on the shared AoE device. A SAN allows the physical hard drive to be removed from the server that uses it, and placed on the network.


Report a bug against this page. Copy an image to a volume. Archived from the original PDF on Without this cooperation file-system corruption and data loss is likely, unless access is strictly read-only or a cluster file system is used.

Compute Overview of nova. Retrieved 5 July Community support Documentation ask. Telemetry Telemetry sample configuration files ceilometer.

AoE runs on layer 2 Ethernet. Retrieved from ” https: Traditional filesystems such as FAT or ext3 are designed to be accessed by a single host, and will cause unpredictable behavior if accessed by multiple machines.

ATA over Ethernet

This is the AoE “config string” feature. Supported operations Create, delete, attach, and detach volumes. Coraid storage appliances can provide block-level storage to OpenStack instances. The AoE protocol provides a mechanism for host-based cooperative locking. However, there are no AoE-specific mechanisms for password verification or encryption.

The miniSAN product family offers standard AoE server functions plus other management features that targets PC, consumer and small and medium businesses markets.